Due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life and time constraints on ministers, the need was identified to have a planning weekend for the purpose of fostering the oneness among ministers, and to add value to the concept of a vibrant and happy congregation.

The weekend of 10 February was identified for this purpose and was approved with the blessing of Bishop Bucchianeri. It was with much joy, excitement and anticipation that the ministers left Kraaifontein on Friday Afternoon @ 15:30 for Pearly Beach.

The Friday was dedicated to a fellowship for servants and after settling in, it was decided that a braai was on the cards for supper. Much laughter and jokes were shared and many games played in anticipation of the events planned for Saturday.

After breakfast on Saturday morning, the day started with a game of soccer on the beach. The meeting started at 09:00 with the Rector’s prayer and thoughts. For this purpose he used 2 Corinthians 7:16, “Therefore I rejoice that i have confidence in you in everything.”. The Rector also reiterated the Vision & Mission of the Church and the important role that the ministers play in bringing this to fulfillment. Many topics came up for discussion. The topics included the History of the Kingdom of God, the roles and responsibilities of ministers in the church and some guidelines on how to prepare for divine services. Many topics and concerns relating to the congregation were also discussed. The day moved along swiftly as many discussions took place to bring along more vibrancy, joy and oneness in the congregation.

After a late lunch the planning continued and the day was concluded at 18:15 with preparation for the divine service. This was led by the Rector (Cev V Smith). 

The Sunday morning was met with extreme excitement as this would be the first ministers divine service exclusively for Wallacedene congregation.  A blessed hour passed by very quickly and included a special celebration as Priest Flip Volmink celebrated his birthday.

The minsters left Pearly Beach with renewed joy, hope and a sure commitment in their hearts, to do everything possible to ensure joy, peace, oneness and more vibrancy in the congregation.

The weekend of 10 February 2017 will long still be remembered as a FIRST, but most importantly to put God FIRST in all things.