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Apostle Area - DIEDRICKS M

The Apostle M Diedricks visited Lentegeur congregation on the 15th of February 2017. The strengthening sermon relayed a message which helped the congregation to see that they should fear God because He is good, magnificent and perfect. The blessed occasion saw twelve souls added to the flock through the act of Holy Sealing. Four priests and ten deacons also responded to God’s call and were ordained to form a part of the pastoral caregivers in the congregation. This culminated in great joy in the hearts and souls of the brethren for the abundant blessings imparted.

On Sunday 12 February 2017, Westridge Gardens buzzed with spiritual activity when the Sunday school children and teachers from Lentegeur congregation enjoyed their lessons out in nature. The one kilometre walk to the gardens was filled with as much excitement as the much anticipated lessons to be taught in an environment outside of the norm.
Using the beauty of nature to their advantage, some teachers tied the bountiful gifts created by God into their lessons. Each lesson lovingly prepared, left the children spiritually wiser and very excited for their next spiritual adventure.

On Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 February 2017, the Apostle M Diedricks convened a meeting for all ministers of the Lentegeur, Rocklands and Tafelsig Bishop Areas.  The meeting which took place at the Tafelsig church was a first of its kind after the recent changes in the areas.  The Apostle took the opportunity to share the information and resolutions out of the January 2017 Apostles and Bishops meeting.  All presentations were treated with great excitement.  To conclude the seminar the Apostle wished the brothers who celebrated birthdays.  The ministers left the meeting feeling extremely motivated for the future.