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PART 1: 1889 – 1928

Prelude to the arrival of the Evangelist Carl Klibbe in 1889

News of the re-established Apostle ministry probably reached Southern Africa for the first time through Edward Irving who maintained regular correspondence with a close friend and fellow Presbyterian minister, John Pears. John Pears was invited by the Dutch Reformed Church to minister to Scottish settlers and Dutch inhabitants in the Cape ...more

PART 2: 1928 – 1970

Consolidation and Growth: 1928-1940

As a result of Apostle Schlaphoff's death, his son was commissioned to take over the leadership of the church in Southern Africa. Heinrich Franz Schlaphoff was ordained as apostle on 5 December 1928, who immediately set about to consolidate the various congregations. Under his guidance an era of expansion commenced and he also gave permission for the building of the first church in Pretoria....more

PART 3: 1970 – 2009

The Lord's Work Introduced to Mozambique: 1970

The Work of God was introduced to this part of Africa when Priest Benjamin Diedericks moved with his family to Lourenço Marques (now Maputo) in December 1970. Eager to spread the Lord's Work, he was standing one day next to his car inviting people to a service. He could hardly manage, since he could not really speak Portuguese ...more